Thursday 16 April 2015

Weekend activities for a healthier life

After a hectic week at work, the temptation may arise to just relax and do nothing on a weekend. While at times a good sleep-in can help to recharge the batteries, engaging in an activity or two can do wonders for releasing stress accumulated at work and help to clear the mind. Such activities can range from light exercise to something more invigorating, but they needn’t burden the wallet. Here’s a look at a few weekend activities for a healthy life.


Whether it’s an easy stroll through towering trees to a waterfall with a small backpack holding your lunch, or a serious slog through rugged terrain with a full pack, bushwalking is a favourite way for millions around the world to spend the weekend.
The health benefits of bushwalking are well recognised. They extend from the physical aerobic workout while burning excess calories and toning muscles to improved mental health gained from the serenity of nature. The casual weekend bushwalker doesn’t need to invest in a load of expensive gear, but a pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes and breathable clothes will make the experience more enjoyable.


Like bushwalking, volunteering is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, and it’s something that individuals or the whole family can get involved in. Perhaps consider a local park or beach clean-up with a community group, or maybe volunteer at the animal rescue centre to care for and walk the animals. Activities like these get the body moving without you really thinking about it and are productive ways to form bonds with people of similar interests while helping others.
Charities and community groups are continually on the lookout for volunteers, so why not find one that piques your interest and give it a try?


Gardening is a popular weekend activity for people of all ages, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Your garden doesn’t need be large to create health benefits. Even small spaces can harbour a practical vegetable patch that needs regular care to produce quality food. Mental health advantages arise from a sense of effort and achievement from raising seedlings to fully fledged plants that not only look beautiful but also provide you and your family with fresh, nutritious fuel.
Larger gardens require more physical exertion that can help you to burn off the weekday indulgences while creating or maintaining a showpiece of your home. If you’re an inner-city dweller with little or no garden of your own, a local community garden may be your solution. These are dotted around many suburbs and provide opportunities to grow your own produce in a shared space. Why not look for one near you?

Go Mountain Biking

If thrills and speed are more your thing, mountain biking might be for you. This activity has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years and there are likely to be trails a short drive from your home. The exciting ride down the trail makes the arduous climb to the top well worth the exertion.
Mountain biking needs a set of wheels tougher than your average road bike, as well as protective gear that’ll help to reduce the chance of injury in the event of a spill. Check out 99 Bikes or a similar store for a comprehensive range of mountain bikes and safety equipment for all skill levels and budgets.
What are your favourite ways to be active during the weekend? Share your ideas or tips in the comments below.

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