Monday 27 April 2015

Warren's birthday weekend!

We don't normally do much for our birthdays these days but this year I wanted to do something a bit more special for Warren. Sometimes I feel like we don't have enough time together and even if we do,  we go for a cheaper option. 

On Saturday night, Sienna had a sleepover planned at her Grandma's so we decided to go out in Bath for some much needed cocktails. Cocktails always seem a little bit more luxury than just going down the local pub for a few drinks so it seemed a great option. If we were going for full luxury, of course we'd love to be drinking cocktails in the Maldives but we can't be too greedy can we ;)

We got the train into Bath and got some food from Wagamama's, complete with bottles of Prosecco of course! After our food we headed to Sub 13 cocktail bar and got cocktails all round. We all got different cocktails first (I got an espresso martini) and then we all decided that the Pomegranate blush was the best one so we all got one of those. They were so good, I had definitely missed cocktails! 

We moved around to a few more bars, had more drinks, shots and a bit of dancing. I have to admit I don't remember much after the cocktail bar apart from trying to find a taxi to get home! But that's how the best nights work isn't it?! ;)

I was feeling a little fragile Sunday morning so we had a lazy morning in bed while drinking lots of water and green smoothies to try and feel human again! Warren's mum bought Sienna back around noon and then we headed out for lunch with her. 

We went somewhere new, South Street Kitchen in Gillingham and it was really good, we would definitely go back! The food was amazing as was the staff and atmosphere. The food was also really well priced as well. We all had the carvery which had such good flavours and the biggest yorkshire puddings ever. 

For dessert, I had the peanut butter & chocolate tart which was lovely but Warren got the Snickers mess which I think was better! Sienna had a little kids brownie and ice cream which she devoured!

We got Sienna bathed and in bed early and then had a chilled evening on the sofa with a film and cups of tea.. rock and roll! I also had a little look at online lottery tickets.. we always say we should do the lottery but we never get round to getting a ticket! Doing it online seems much easier. It was a nice weekend but we both agreed we don't miss the hangovers.. especially now we have Sienna to contend with! 

Do you do the lottery? What did you get upto this weekend? 

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