Tuesday 7 April 2015

Tips for buying shoes online

Many people used to be afraid of buying shoes over the internet. However, this medium has become more and more popular as years have gone by and the online retail has flourished tremendously over the last few years. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, the amount spent online increased by 13.4% in June 2014 compared with June 2013.

Below are some of the benefits of buying shoes online, plus a few tips to follow when you go down the online path to buying shoes. 

Online shopping can be summed up in one word: convenience. Online stores never close so you can make the purchase at any time of the day. You simply have your laptop or smartphone in hand, browse the enormous choices, click the item and add it to your shopping basket. Many online retailers that sell shoes provide free home delivery. Buying shoes online can save you time in getting dressed, travelling to the store and trying on several pairs. There will be no salesperson hassling you.

There are endless styles, designs, brands and assortments. You can compare different shoes of different brands. You can also read the online independent reviews or look at the overall start ratings before making a purchase.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying shoes online is that you can make your money go further, since some shoes are much cheaper online than in store. In-store shoe prices are higher because they cover store overheads such as rent, electricity and payroll.

How to buy shoes online

Take an accurate measurement of your foot size and width

Shoe sizes vary from one manufacturer to another and across different brands. You can take your own measurements at home with a measuring tape. First measure from the top of the foot to the bottom, then measure the width of your foot. Most online shoes websites feature a size conversion chart so that you can determine the correct size of shoes to buy.

Prepare a list of the shoes you want to purchase

Given the broad range of choices, you can get distracted easily. Find out what you already have and prepare a list of shoes you intend to buy. Keep the colour of your attire in mind and choose a matching pair of shoes.

Buy from reputable websites

A way to be safe on the internet is to shop only on reputable websites. Before making payment, check that the website begins with “https” and has a padlock icon in the bottom corner. Don’t make payments via email or send cheques. Pay with a credit card if you’re spending more than £100. You can get your money back from the bank if there’s a problem.

Consider the shipping costs

If you’re from overseas, you’ll also have to pay shipping charges. To avoid paying more than you anticipated, find out these charges before you place an order.

Retain the receipts and shipping information for returns/exchanges

Always try on the shoes when you receive them. Don’t be afraid to return them if they don’t fit. You can return or exchange them if you find a defect, if they don’t fit or if they differ from what they look like online. Check the return and exchange policy and make sure you return/exchange the shoes within the time frame given.

Buying shoes online is a simple process. It can save you time and money and also give you more choices than shopping in store.

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