Monday 20 April 2015

Preparation & packing tips for Skiing!

The excitement of an impending ski trip can make you forget the simple things, such as a quality winter jacket and warm gloves. Additionally, if you’ve never been on a skiing holiday, you’ll want to do some pre meditative thinking.

Therefore, spend a few moments and get a better idea of what you’ll need to prepare, reading the following packing tips.


As mentioned, a quality winter coat is essential, especially if you’ll be skiing or snowboarding. Snowboarders, often falling on posteriors, appreciate jackets of added length and cushion, which comes in handy if you’re a newcomer to the slopes. Additionally, you’ll want something that is waterproof. Sometimes, it’s better to sacrifice a bit of fashion in exchange for practicality. But, that doesn’t mean that North Face and other leading brands don’t have much to offer those who love fashion and keeping warm.


You don’t want to wear cotton material as your outer layer of clothing, yet underneath, such material keeps you warm and cozy. Furthermore, you’ll want to take off your outer layers if you take a break from the slopes and nestle by the fire for drinks and snacks. On the mountain, layers are important in regards to staying warm and cool depending on quick-changing weather and conditions.


Gloves are a must if you’re going to spend time on the mountain. Actually, smarter people take along an extra pair in case a glove falls off during skiing or gets lost in transit from getting on and off the chairlifts. Also, consider buying a pair of glove liners. If you’re a novice skier or boarder, you’re bound to fall a number of times, which leaves your hands susceptible. However, a good pair of glove liners keep hands extra toasty and dry.


Winter experts know that one’s extremities are the first to get cold, which influences mood and comfort. Therefore, in addition to warm socks and gloves, be sure to cover your neck, ears, and especially your head from the cold. Furthermore, if you’re a novice skier or boarder, it’s smart (not embarrassing) to protect your brain and head from injury. Helmets are usually available for rent on the mountain, but if you’re one who likes to bring their own gear, buy a helmet ahead of time.


So far, you’ve covered the basics, but a few more accessories ensure comfort and readiness. Some wear sunglasses on the mountain to address the glare, especially on a sunny day. However, others purchase goggles, which provide added comfort and convenience if it is snowing or sleeting on the hills. Furthermore, a good pair of gloves and liners will keep your hands warm, but if it’s extremely cold, you’ll be happy you brought along hand and foot warmers, adding warmth to your fingers and toes.

Snow Boots

As with most essential gear, snow boots are available for rent, but if you prefer, shop online or at one of the town shops for your own pair. Don’t assume you can get around the mountain wearing anything else; it doesn’t matter if you’re not skiing or not - you need them.


Most have mobile phones with built-in cameras, but if you’re not a good skier, you may want to leave your phone back at your Mont Tremblant luxury rentals. Bring along a disposable camera instead; in worst cases, you’ll just break a device that is worth a lot less than a new phone. Also, don’t let the cold weather confuse you; you’ll need plenty of sunscreen on the mountain. Bring along chapstick with UV protection as well.

Congratulations, you’re officially ready for your skiing excursion. You’ll be very pleased you’re so prepared ahead of time, because if you’re on the mountain and cold or lacking gear, then it’s already too late!

*Post by Denise Washington, she is a vacation planner. She likes to share her experiences on the web. Her articles can be found on many travel and vacation sites.

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