Wednesday 29 April 2015

Planning a memorable hen do

When it comes to celebrating your friends forth coming nuptials, it’s safe to say that all efforts on the brides part is fully relinquished, and handed over to her most trusted gal pals. 

For many bride-to-be’s it can be difficult to hand over the control of such a memorable moment especially when she’s putting so much time and effort into the big day itself. 
This means the pressure is pretty high for the maid of honour to get it right and to make it a day or weekend that her best friend is going to cherish forever. 

Anyone who’s had the experience of being on the planning party of a hen do will know that it’s no easy task, and if it goes wrong it can sometimes go really wrong. To avoid the tears and a bridezilla sized break down, I’ve collated some top tips to help the bridesmaids get their bearings. 

Ask the Bride

You may think you know what the bride wants, but as it’s her day, ensure to ask her if there’s anything she really wants, or if there are certain people she would like to be there. 

Getting an idea of the guest list is particularly important to avoid upsetting any of the relatives or distant friends you’ve never heard of before the big day.

Collaborating with the other guests is also a great way to make the hen party as personal as possible, as everyone may have an idea of how they can make it extra special. 

Setting a theme is one of the most popular things to do, as you can make it all fit around a place that the bride loves to visit or that’s special to them. 

Whether they like outdoor activities, or getting crafty, there’s lots of resources online such this one that can give you an idea of the themes you could do. 

Set a Budget 

Money is king when it comes to getting everyone to the hen party, and you’ve got to be honest with yourself that some people are simply not going to be able to afford it. 

To encourage everyone to come to at least one part of the day, try to separate it by day activities and night activities. That way guests can choose which part they can afford, and still celebrate with the bride no matter their budget. 

Plan Plan Plan 

As soon as you get the go-ahead from the bride that it’s your responsibility to stand by her side at the aisle, you need to get a move on in planning the hen party. 

Setting a date that can work for everyone is the most difficult task, especially if people have children to organise, so giving them lots of time to get organised well in advance will ensure that nobody misses out and the bride isn’t left disappointed by no-shows. 

Having a date early is also good for booking any venues or activities that can make the party truly unique. Entertainment in city locations will need booking in advance to secure, but this can help to ensure you’ve got some great fun planned. Whether it’s a burlesque show or a personal Magician such as this one making a hen party unique will mean so much to the bride. 

The Little Things 

There’s so much to think about when planning a hen party, location, activities, food and drink etc. 

It can all become quite stressful so enlist the help of the fellow brides to make sure nothing gets missed off the list. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, such as favours for the guests, and beautiful decorations. 

Make it a memorable hen and you’ll have the bride crying happy tears into her champers.

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