Saturday 18 April 2015

My teeth/braces story

When I was younger, I hated my teeth. One of my teeth was practically vertical and poked straight out.. from the side it was very obvious and used to sometimes be visible between my lips even if they were closed. I was so self conscious of it, I would never smile with my teeth showing and used to hate anyone getting photos of me from the side incase you could see it. I remember countless times making my dad delete photos of me because of my teeth. 

When I was 19 I got braces, it was a little later than most people had them but I was so happy to get them! I remember the day I got them I was in so much pain, my whole jaw ached and I could barely eat anything but I knew it would be worth it. I couldn't wait to have my teeth straightened and dreamed of the day I could be confident smiling. I had them on for 2 years which was a long time, sometimes I did get self conscious of them, no-one really expects a 20 year old to have braces but I had to remind myself it would be worth it in the end. I remember going on my first date with Warren and I had to tell him I had braces beforehand because I was worried if he wasn't prepared for them he would find it weird, haha! Luckily he didn't mind ;) 

The day I got them off was so exciting, I was so happy with them and I still am compared to what they were. I do have a permanent wire behind my front teeth to help them stay in place and I still do occasionally wear my retainer as well. I'm so glad that I did go for braces, even at the age of 19. It was so worth it and I'm happy that I am pretty confident with my smile, especially for my wedding. 

A few months before the wedding, I will start wearing my retainer again just to make sure they are as straight as possible and I will just start taking a bit more care of them so they look their best. I will probably also whiten them a little bit. Oral hygiene and health is so important to me now and I am hoping to pass this onto Sienna and get her to the dentist regularly. I really hope she doesn't suffer with her teeth so will be quite strict with her dentist visits and cleaning them properly etc.

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