Wednesday 22 April 2015

Always my baby girl

Sienna is 2 and a half going on 20. Over the last few months, maybe even year, she has flourished into an independent little girl. She can dress herself, brush her own teeth, drink from a cup, put her shoes on and ask if she needs help. After a morning at playgroup, she can run up to me, tell me about her day, remember people's names, use her voice to act out how people spoke to her and take her shoes and coat off when we get in the door.

She can ask for a treat in a 'nice voice with a happy face' to try and get her way, she is cheeky and can tell a few jokes and run off laughing. She can play for hours with her toys and imagination but also play so nicely with other children. She can use her knife and fork at dinner time and tell us when she's full, she can undress herself ready for bath time, she can wash her body, dry herself, put her pull ups on, and choose her own story book before climbing into her bed. She can fling her arms around my neck and give me a 'smackaroony' before we say our nightly ritual to each other.. 'Good night, sweet dreams, I love you'.

It's safe to say she isn't a baby anymore. 

But tonight, after shower time, we came down and cuddled on the sofa. Looking down at her curled up on me, drinking her warm milk from her sippy cup and her pull ups on, I had a glimpse of my baby again. She may not need me to help with many day to day things but no matter how tall she gets, how long her hair grows or how clever she does or doesn't become, she will always be my baby girl.   

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