Tuesday 21 April 2015

A night in with the girls

Once you have children, disposable income is generally a lot less available than it used to be, so going on a night out with your friends seems a bit decadent compared to those young, free and single days. Not only do you have to pay for whatever you do on your night out, but you may also have to book a babysitter, unless it’s a night when your partner or the grandparents are on hand.

Those nights out with the girls do become rarer occasions although nights in with the girls can be just as much fun and often it’s nicer to be with each other in a comfortable home, snuggled with a glass of wine than wearing those uncomfortable high heels.

There are lots of different things you could do other than have a good old natter. If you fancy spicing it up a bit, try these;


Bingo! It’s one of the simplest games to play on the planet, and since it went online, it has become even easier to play. You don’t even need to concentrate on the number calls, as the software does the daubing of any matching numbers on your cards automatically, meaning there’s no need for ‘eyes down’ these days. 

Get the girls over, with their laptops, and login to a site like greatbritishbingo, where you’ll find plenty of different bingo rooms and games to play. 

Cook up a storm

Get everyone over for a barbecue in the summer and make it easy on whoever’s hosting by delegating different dishes and drinks for people to bring. The onset of winter doesn’t mean the end of foodie nights – you can do pot luck dinners instead. You’ll be surprised how much more creative you can become in the kitchen when you’re cooking to impress your friends.

Pamper evening

Take yourselves back to your teens with a night of pampering and makeovers. Get everyone to pack their onesies and their favourite nail polishes, foot rubs, and other beauty treats and spend the evening watching old movies and giving each other those little beauty treatments that most mums never make time for!

Whatever you do with your circle of friends, it’s great if you can all get together now and then. When you do, it’ll make all the hassle of arranging a time that suits everyone and getting cover for the kids feel like it was well worth the effort.

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