Saturday 21 March 2015

First Saturday of Spring!

So who saw the eclipse yesterday? I did but I couldn't get a clear picture, it was so bright!! I swear it brought the Spring with it too.. ever since it has been gorgeous weather! 

We had a lazy morning this morning which is always nice. Especially when it includes bacon and egg rolls *insert heart eye emoji here*

After some more lazing around, Warren and Sienna cut the grass while I did a little workout. She is so funny, she loved helping him and Warren said she was actually a good help picking up some of the grass and moving things out of the way. Bless her! 

I did a little full body toning workout as I wasn't really feeling like a workout to be honest! Sienna woke at 5:20am this morning and she did go back to sleep until about 6:30 but I think going back to sleep for an extra hour actually made me more tired.. don't you hate that?! I'm on my fourth coffee.

I did the TIU Bikini body routine and it was good, just what I wanted. It got my heart rate up a little, I wasn't sweating but I didn't have the nervy for cardio. I can feel my triceps though so it did something! 

This afternoon we had an appointment to go and have a look at some cars. Warren is getting a new one which is exciting! I'm hoping he will let me drive it as it's the type of car I've wanted for a while ;)

Sienna has had a bit of an upset tummy so she had some dry crackers for lunch and has gone for a little nap so hopefully she wakes up feeling better! I think Warren is about to fall asleep too so I'm going to make the most of it before it's back in mummy mode again! 

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