Thursday 5 March 2015

Childhood memories; baking flapjacks!

*This post is in collaboration with Beko and their built in ovens. 

Baking always reminds me of my childhood, my brothers and I were always baking with my Mum and that's why I try to bake with Sienna as much as possible.. I want her to have the same memories from her childhood as I do. 

With Mother's Day coming up, I thought I'd bake something with Sienna that me & my Mum used to bake. If there's one thing I remember making over and over again, it would be flapjacks! My whole family loves flapjack especially me & my dad so it would always be our first choice. We tried to dig out some throwback photos of us baking together but couldn't find any.. boo!

As I am grain free, I have decided to make a grain free flapjack recipe with Sienna.. I don't want to bake something I can't taste test now do I?! ;)

Sienna loves baking with me now and just about understands that we have to make it before we eat it ;) She pulls her chair over herself and gets herself set up. She loves using the food processor too and adding in each ingredient after we have measured it out.

She's got good at mixing lately too instead of just chucking it everywhere, haha! Oh and of course she always gets to lick the spoon, just like I did with my Mum ;)

Viola! Our grain free flapjacks! This was my first time trying these and they turned out amazing! I'm loving all these grain free recipes that taste similar to the real thing. This was really quick and easy too (I used this recipe but left out the coconut and also stirred the chocolate in so it melted rather than pressing it onto the top). Not the same as the ones I used to make with my mum but the process of making the flapjack is still very similar so did bring back memories :) It's so nice recreating things from my childhood with Sienna but putting our own spin on it to make it our memories. I love our mother daughter bond, there is nothing better! 

What did you used to bake with your Mum?

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