Friday 27 March 2015

Bathroom Spring cleaning tips!

March and April are the months for spring cleaning and while some people actually look forward to it (like me), many fear it. Spring cleaning can be hard work and boring. However, it is an important job and is very satisfying once you have completed a deep clean of your home. Your home feels so relaxing once it is clean and clutter-free and most people's favourite place to relax is their bathroom. Here are some tips on how to spring clean your bathroom to make that next soak in the tub the most relaxing you’ve had.

Dust and Clean Pictures and Other Wall Art
If you have mirrors, framed pictures, other wall-hung sculptures and such in your bathroom, carefully take them down and thoroughly clean them. Try to keep water or other cleaning products away from framed pictures as liquid can get behind the glass and causes harm to the picture.

Don’t Forget the Windows
This is an area that many people neglect. Clean your bathroom window(s) inside and out and do not forget the frame. Products such as Flash Magic Erasers are good at getting rid of marks and stains on upvc window frames. I recently used mine (I received it in my Products of the year bag) to get sticky residue off my front door and it worked a treat!

Scrub the Tub
Try this mixture for cleaning the bath and sink: combine one teaspoon of liquid soap and drops of antibacterial essential oil like eucalyptus or tea tree to one cup of baking soda. Add water to form a paste which should work a treat when sponging or scouring your bath or sink bowl.

Dust Vents or Fans
Another too-often neglected area of the bathroom, fans and vents soon get dirty with a mixture of scum and dirt. Hopefully any dirt will easily be removed by water with a cleaning cloth plus a bit of cleaning spray if needed.

Clean ALL of the Toilet
Don’t forget to clean the underneath of the toilet as well as any crevices, the handle and all around the base. Not the nicest job but needs to be done to be hygienic! You can always use a cleaning services company if you would rather not do it yourself!

Send the Bath Mat to the Laundry
Many people put off cleaning their bath mats, but this is the time to do it. Many fabric shower mats will simply go in the washing machine. Rubber bath mats can be cleaned with chlorine bleach while still in the bottom of the bath.    

Get Organised
After your bathroom spring clean, start as you mean to go on by organising your toiletries and other bits and pieces in the room. Ideal Standard has great offers on bathroom furniture to store medicines and the like. You may also want to start a cleaning schedule with the rest of the family so you keep on top of the cleanliness of your bathroom. Pinterest has many cleaning routines you can print out. 

Are these tips helpful? Do you own a magic eraser yet?! 

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