Thursday 12 March 2015

A week's spending ban; Coffee?!

If you know me, you know I cannot function without my morning coffee. I have one every single morning at least, sometimes 2 and occasionally another one in the afternoon to keep me going. Since having my Tassimo machine I have had a 'posh' coffee every morning and haven't stopped buying the pods.. in short, I have become a bit of a coffee snob!

I was recently challenged by TSB in collaboration with their ISA saving accounts to swap my tassimo pods for instant coffee and see how much money I save. As you know, we are saving for our wedding next year so I thought the challenge would be interesting and possibly help us save more. I also know I should cut down on how much strong coffee I drink so put myself to the challenge.

I started off doing well and I felt confident I could do it however after a night of not sleeping that well, I was really craving my strong tassimo coffee in the morning. I resisted and I did make it through the rest of the week (just about) but by the end of it, I couldn't wait to have a tassimo pod again! To me, instant coffee does not live up to my beloved Costa Americano's however we would save a bit of money.

Our Costa coffee's come in at around £4 for 16 (depending where we shop that week) and we probably got through all 16 if not more in a week, sometimes purchasing 2 packs a week. The instant coffee we swapped for is also around £4 as well but gives a whopping 50 mugs of coffee out of that! Our weekly spend wasn't any different but the instant coffee would last us nearly all month rather than just a week, so we would save long term. I'm not sure if I could stick to the coffee swap but it would definitely be helpful for my health and bank account!

I tag all of you to go on a week's spending ban and see how much you can save! 
Let me know via twitter what you're banning :)

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