Thursday 19 March 2015

5 things I couldn't live without!

We all have those daily indulgences we can't live without.. If you think about how much they add up to, it's probably around the £10 mark or more per day depending on what your 'can't live without' items are.

My 5 items I couldn't live without would be..

- Coffee,
- Green Tea,
- A sweet treat,
- Exercise,
- The internet!

All of these things I look forward too daily and wouldn't dream of a day without them, but I never really think about how much they cost per day.

To get people thinking about how little the real essentials like energy in the home cost in relation to those everyday essentials, British Gas have created a video hosted by The source (see below) that features the general public telling us what they couldn’t live without before sharing how much they think their energy costs are – which, overall is surprisingly less than expected.

I definitely expected it to be more per day for energy.. it just goes to show that the real essentials that we need are not as expensive as we think. It's the little luxuries we can't go without that add up daily!

What are your daily indulgences? 

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