Wednesday 11 February 2015

Last minute budget DIY Valentine's gifts!

As we are trying to save money for our wedding, we have been cutting back on non-essential spending. We have actually spoke about getting a joint account to keep track of our spending altogether, it just seems like it will be easier having everything going in and out of one pot. 

As you know, Valentine's Day is coming up and to keep to our strict saving target, we are doing it on a budget. I thought I'd share some of my top DIY Valentine's gifts that won't cost a fortune but still mean a lot. 

This 52 things I love about you book is so cute and pretty easy to do with object you probably have lying around the house! Most people have a couple pack of cards dotted about somewhere and then all you need is some ring binders that are cheap to come by and some ideas! It's so thoughtful and will basically cost you nothing.

These mugs are always a winner! All you need a cheap mug (you can get great ones in the supermarket or pound shops) and a sharpie pen in a contrasting colour to the mug. You may have to practise your writing on a piece of paper first but once you have perfected it, and you've found your favourite cheesy quote, you're good to go! I love these quotes above.. simple and cheap but they look great!

Lastly, these Instagram photo blocks are adorable for home decor and so easy to do! If you have a garage, it's more than likely you have some scraps of wood lying around and this is the perfect project to use them for. All you need is a small 2x2 inch square of wood.. then stick on a printed out Instagram photo and paint the dyes of the wood in your chosen colour. Slightly overlap the paint to blend in the edges of the photo and Voila! You can finish with a coat of clear drying PVA glue to seal it even further if you wish. 

Which idea is your favourite? 

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