Monday 26 January 2015

World’s longest movie marathons: could you make it?

Some of us pride ourselves on being excellent TV box set and movie marathon watchers, just like Ed the Sofa Bear – the clue is in the name. 
As the face of Virgin Media, Ed shows us his binge-viewing skills - and he’s really got it down to a fine art. But could even the most devout sofa dweller make it through these classic movie marathons? 
Star Wars

Runtime: 13.4 hours
With another trilogy on the way, perhaps now is the perfect time for a complete recap. You may have to debate with fellow marathon challengers about the correct order to watch them in, so if you have any hardcore fans in your midst, be warned.

Marvel Universe Series

Runtime: 14.5 hours
These are being released thick and fast, so you might want to wait for a couple more before embarking on such an epic journey. But whenever you do, you’re in for hour after hour of blockbuster fun, and everything from period Captain America to the modern day Avengers smash.

Alien vs Predator

Runtime: 18.6 hours
This collection is now 10 films strong and over the years has seen an amazing variety of styles and talent put their names to the franchise. You could ignore the Alien vs Predator additions and watch each series standalone, but why not go the whole hog?  

Harry Potter

Runtime: 19.6 hours
Watch the famous wizard turn from boy to man over the course of all 8 films. Apparently watching in one go improves the experience and adds depth to the story, so prepare yourself. 

Star trek

Runtime: 23.3 hours
These may be conveniently separated into three distinct collections for more manageable viewing sessions (Original Series, Next Generation and Reboot), but that would be cheating.

James Bond

Runtime: 2 days and 14 minutes
From Dr No to Skyfall with 21 in between (and another about to join them), the James Bond collection is the ultimate mammoth marathon. This may be a health risk if taken seriously.

If you’ve been inspired by Ed the Sofa Bear and his hibernation-like lounge time, grab some fellow sofa bears and set yourself a challenge this weekend. 

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