Friday 30 January 2015

Wedding dress shopping + top picks from family-nation

Today was an exciting day.. My Mum & I went wedding dress shopping! It was the first time trying on dresses and was a weird experience! I had such a clear idea of what I wanted entering the shop...I told the lady what style/material I wanted.. picked some dresses out.. tried them on and... hated them! 

Ok, I didn't hate them but I definitely didn't find 'the one'. I actually left having really, really, really liked a dress.. but now looking at the pictures I really dislike it! How can that happen?! I'm so glad we took pictures for me to look through as they seem to look different in the pictures than they did to me in the mirror. We are going again tomorrow to try even more styles on so I can hopefully get a clearer image of what I want! I have a feeling it's going to take me a loooong time to find the dress of my dreams!

We did vlog the experience so you can watch below and see if you like any of the dresses! If you do please let me know :)

Oh and note to myself... don't take a tired toddler next time.. it doesn't quite make for that relaxing experience it's supposed to be ;)

(I didn't try this one on but now I am regretting it!)

I also wanted to share with you a few of my top picks from a new e-boutique I have discovered. Family-nation is a brand I have only just come across however I'm already hooked! To give a little background of the company, it was formed in 2011 by parents Emilia and Aidan Cox who had decided they wanted to create a quality online boutique. It is a one-stop hub for parents all around with the world as it offers a vast selection from all categories.. there really is something for every occasion. 


I have chosen my top picks from the site.. I'm sure you can see from the above pictures.. they are unique, stylish and offer a whole range of items yet still keep a distinctive look. Something that really helps them stand out from the crowd is they put into offering a personal service. 

They handpick all the items on the basis of their quality, sustainability and design so you know you are choosing a brilliant product, whatever you go for. They are also always willing to help, offering the option of ringing, emailing or even skyping them if you are in need of some help. Delivery is quick and reliable, orders are sent to over 191 countries around the world in 3-4 days for £4.50. They really seem like a fantastic brand and company and you should definitely check the website out... especially their Winter sale which is here ;)

What style wedding dress can you see me in? 
+ what's your top pick from family-nation?

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