Tuesday 6 January 2015

Throwing a housewarming party on a budget!

If you're a first time buyer you may be looking to throw a housewarming party but think you can't afford it, however you don't have to spend a lot of money to throw a good one. I have put together this post to share my 5 tips on how to keep the budget down if it is something you are hoping to do.

1. Don't throw it too soon after you move in
Moving is expensive so give yourself a few months to save up a little bit of money for supplies and get yourself settled in and the place looking nice.

2. Invite people via Facebook/text
Don't waste money on invitations.. A good old text message or Facebook message will do. You can create it as an event and invite people that way if you want so it is a bit more 'special' than just a group message.

3. Make your decorations
Use the material around your house to make some decorations. Banners, bunting, signs.. the list is endless. Pinterest is always a good source of craft ideas. 

4. Keep the drinks & snacks simple
Keeping it to just nibbles will keep the cost down, you could even make most of them yourself with ingredients you already have in the cupboards. If you want to serve more of a meal, go for something like a slow cooker chilli.. this way it's cheap, easy and will stay warm and people come and go. We have done this before and it works well.

5. Specify an ending time
The longer people are there, the more they will eat and drink which means you need to buy more supplies. If you specify an ending time people will be aware they aren't in it for long haul.

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