Thursday 22 January 2015

Teething, being ill + listening to my body!

This week started off rough, I was hit with a sickness bug Sunday night and then Warren had a bad tummy Monday! I thought Sienna had it too however now I think it is actually just teething.. her second lot of molars are trying to come through leaving her grumpy, with a runny/sore bum.. not good! Needless to say we spent the day lazing around in bed all day Monday not feeling that great.

I tried to refuel and really listened to my body in terms of food and workout. I was craving cold juices all day so I went with it! I also skipped my workout.. I wasn't feeling too ill but just thought I should build my strength back up before doing exercise as I was starving all day! I was searching online for things to help me feel better and get my energy back and I came across this article 'Seven rituals to start your day right'.. some great tips! I thought I should start incorporating some of the points into my morning routine everyday.. not just when I'm sick! I already do some of them like plan my day in my head and try to visualise it being a positive day but I could definitely do with a few 'wake up' yoga moves in the morning.

Speaking of listening to my body.. I'm currently trialling a new 'diet'.. it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change and it is actually for health reasons. Don't worry.. I am fine but I will speak a bit more about this in a detailed post when I know how it is working. It's been a week so far and so far so good but we will see!

It's been quite a boring depressing week, as we've been ill we haven't wanted to see anyone and spread the germs so we have just been in entertaining ourselves. Sienna and I have been dressing up, colouring, painting and doing all the chores! The weather has been miserable too which really effects my mood.. bring on the Summer!!

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