Sunday 11 January 2015

Our weekend!

On Friday we headed to Warren's work's 'dinner dance' which is a good 4/5 hours away from us (depending on traffic). He had the whole day off so we could take our time and not rush up and stop for lunch. Sienna stayed at my mum's so we could have some 'us' time and we were both looking forward to it. The dinner dance was held at a big hotel so we all had a room to check into and get ready before having welcome drinks and a mingle followed by a 3 course meals, casino tables and a bit of dance floor shape throwing. It was such a nice night and good to meet the people that Warren talks about at work and put real faces to names... not the faces my brain had pictured, haha!  

We went to bed about half 1 and were drinking slowly throughout the night so we didn't have hangover's, woo! I was still tired though and not really looking forward to the journey home. I wore the comfiest outfit ever (I'm so obsessed with shorts/skorts with tights at the moment) and drank a Naked Antioxidant drink to cancel out the wine ;) I hadn't tried it before but it was SO yummy! I will definitely be getting more. For lunch, we stopped at the services and got the large Katsu chicken curry and noodles to share from Chozen noodle.. OMG it was amazing! I have never had Katsu curry before but I think it is my new favourite and I will be trying to recreate it soon! We picked Sienna up from my mums and just spent the rest of Saturday chilling out before snuggling with the duvet on the sofa and watching Olympus has fallen and then Take me out! 

Today we have the groceries being delivered and then I will probably just be making some videos and doing my meal plan etc while Warren has quality time with Sienna! :)

What have you been up too this weekend?

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