Friday 23 January 2015

Meals + moves for the week!

This week I have been super motivated again with healthy foods and I have been eating more veg than ever! I have never eaten so many salads in my life but you know what? I'm loving them! Switching the veg up, making my own guacamole and getting a bit creative has been fun and tasty. Don't worry I'm still eating plenty of bacon & eggs ;)

Here's the grocery haul & meal plan..

Onto the meals..

Paleo chicken fingers, veg & sweet potato fries
Paleo blueberry muffin & scrambled eggs // Banana milkshake (1 overipe banana, unsweetened almond milk, ice cubes)
Green thai chicken curry + cauliflower 'rice'
 Beef + Broccoli stir fry // Ham/Turkey roll ups, carrot sticks + green smoothie + green tea
Bacon + scrambled eggs

+ moves!

Sat 17th- REST

Mon 19th- ILL

Wed 21st- REST
Fri 23rd-REST

What have you been eating?

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