Friday 16 January 2015

Meals + moves for the week!

This week I have felt so motivated with healthy eating. I didn't do any food prep last Sunday as we had a whole freezer full which was nice! When my Waitrose delivery came I had trouble fitting all my meat into the freezer haha, but it's a good problem to have.

Here's Sunday's grocery haul if you're interested.. it was a bit more of a stock up but I got a lot more fruit & veg this week as we had a lot of cupboard staples last week.

Some meals from the week..

 Salmon, egg & veg // Graze box dark rocky road // Butternut squash soup + 1/2 ham & cheese bagel // Naked Antioxidant smoothie + broccoli, chipolatas, eggs & ketchup // broccoli, chipolatas & carrot 'pasta' with homemade pasta sauce // garlic prawns + bacon on a bed of roasted onion, sweet potato, carrots & peppers.

+ my moves:

Sat 10th- REST
Sun 11th- Barre/HIIT combo workout30 min fat blazing weight loss workout
Mon 12th- home weight training,  
Tues 13th- REST
Wed 14th- 10 min weight loss workout
Thurs 15th- REST
Fri 16th- 30 min HIIT workout

My workout's haven't been great but Sunday's workout was a hard one and so by Tuesday I was really exhausted & such bad DOMs! So I decided to skip my workout Tuesday and then Thursday I had planned a workout but we spent Wednesday night in hospital with Sienna. She is fine thank you, just a bump on the head but she was sick a few hours after so had to be monitored! Needless to say, we didn't have the best night's sleep so I decided to rest again Thurs and put my all into today's HIIT rather than do a workout both days half heartedly. It's good to listen to your body sometimes! 

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PPS. If you need a bit more help getting on the healthy bandwagon, here's my HOW I STAY IN SHAPE video and HEALTHY FOOD I EAT to get you motivated :) 

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