Tuesday 13 January 2015

How fitness mats help you while exercising!

There are all types of fitness mats that help give support to various body parts and can help improve balance, core stability, agility and strength. With the support of a mat, it's easier to do floor exercises, pilates, or yoga without placing excess strain on any particular body part. Depending on the type of exercise you will be doing most often will determine which type of mat you will use.

Exercise Mats are best for floor exercises and aerobics. They provide comfort to the body particularly when exercising on a hard floor and extra padding under the feet during aerobics. Mats enable shock absorption during a workout to help prevent injury to muscles and joints. There's nothing worse than feeling pain during exercise therefore using an exercise mat will aid the comfort of your workout by providing much needed cushioning and support when performing floor exercises.

Thickness ranges from mat to mat. A fitness mat differs in length and thickness than other types of mats used for exercises. Depending on the individual need for the mat will determine which one should be used. Use a thick mat on hard floors during pilates and a thinner mat during a cardio workout to help prevent tripping.

For core exercises it's best to use a pad specifically for the knees. Using something like the Pro Stretch Tri-Fold Aerobic Mat is ideal for supporting the knees and buttocks during crunches, sit ups, and with the ab roller. 

The Core Fitness Mat is large and heavy to maneuver and has no strap to carry it with, but it's excellent for floor exercises. It is best to keep the mat at home and not travel with it to the gym due to its weight. It can be rolled up and put away into a cupboard or in the corner of a room to easily roll out for the next exercising session. 

Another type of fitness mat to consider is an Aerobic mat that contains first grade EVA foam, providing plenty of comfort and shock absorption for aerobic activity or floor exercises whether you use an ab roller or exercise with resistance cords. The mat is available in 10mm and 15mm thickness, prove easy to clean and are reusable for many years. These cannot be rolled up or folded as they consist partly of stiff padding. They will easily fit under a bed or in a cupboard without taking up much space.

Aside from using a fitness mat, there are accessories that can be used to help stay fit including agility cones, skipping rope and foam rollers. All of these items can be used while relying on the assistance of the mat. These accessories also help in the process of exercising and staying healthy. A floor mat prevents the pain caused when a joint or bone presses against hard flooring. There's less need to worry about injury caused by uncomfortable movement when there is a mat to help relieve the pressure. But make sure you are going to buy the best quality mat from a renowned store such as Fitness Mad that assures you about the high quality of the products. 
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