Wednesday 24 December 2014

Salt dough Christmas ornaments!

We are big fans of making salt dough ornaments, they are fairly easy to do and I tend to have both plain flour and table salt in my cupboard at all times so we can easily whip up a batch. There are endless things you can make and do with salt dough and they always make brilliant gifts for family.

These Santa's are so cute! I got the idea from Pinterest and just thought they'd be perfect. We use the recipe above but we always double it to make a big batch. I try to think ahead to what is coming up and make things for that too. For instance, we did our handprints for Christmas but then we also did some chicks and egg shapes ready for Easter. This way they are stored upstairs and when Easter comes around we can just whip them out to paint, we don't have to make them.

I bake them until they are hardened which depends on the thickness but if it's as thick as a pound coin I'd say bake them for roughly 45 minutes. Just keep checking them until they are hard basically & then they should be done.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Hope you all have a fab Christmas tomorrow :)

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