Tuesday 23 December 2014

Does your home need a dehumidifier?

Have you ever found little pools of water on your window sills in the morning? Or do you have places where mould sometimes appears on the walls, like the bottom reveal of a patio door, or behind the toilet or bath? Or do you find condensation on the windows in winter? These are all sure signs that you need to invest in a dehumidifier

If you’ve never had one of these before, you won’t know the huge difference it can make to your daily cleaning routines and your family's general health just by having one chugging away in the hallway…

So what does it actually do? Well, it will take all the excess moisture out of the air so that it can’t then turn back into water when it lands on a colder surface – like a glass window pane or a cold pipe. It gets sucked into the little machine and then moves across a set of very cold tubes that collect the water vapour and turn it back into water, which then drips into a collection tray on the side, which fills up ready for you to empty the next day. The dry air then blows out the other side of the machine back into your room and is now healthy and harmless.

We all know that germs and bacteria just love damp places, so having too much water vapour in your room can be a real nuisance in winter, breeding germs that will pass on coughs and colds to your unsuspecting family members, especially if you have very young children or babies at home. 

If you have a fairly new, modern, super insulated home, or an older property without cavity walls, it might be easy to keep warm, but all that double glazing and thermal insulation means that as well as keeping the heat in, the moisture in the air can’t get out.

You could keep a window open but this will make your heating bill skyrocket, so the best way to avoid those damp patches and mould spots on the walls, is to invest in a slimline, modern dehumidifier. They are light and usually on wheels so you can easily move them from room to room. They are cheap to run, and will keep your family happy and healthy all winter long.
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