Monday 29 December 2014

Cruelty at Christmas: It isn't make believe

The month of December is full of joy and festive cheer and that’s the way it should be. Whether you’re making a last minute dash to town or wrapping an endless mound of presents for your nearest and dearest, there’s a lot to be thankful for. 

A different gift

Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy during the winter months and there’s more to life than presents, festive cheer and over indulging in food. For our furry friends, the cold winter months can be unbearable – especially if they are left to fend for themselves on the streets. 

Animal cruelty is something that is still in existence today – whether as an unwanted Christmas gift or a discarded responsibility, many animals get abandoned, neglected and mistreated each winter and the realities of animal cruelty is rife, as this emotional animation from the RSPCA shows:

This thought-provoking video reveals the festive period as a time that is not always as joyful as we might expect. Although it is hard to watch, it brings our attention to a very important point – that animals can be so easily mistreated at the hands of people who view them as disposable objects and even toys.

Fortunately, there’s something we can all do to help. 

By making a small donation, families can help to stop animal cruelty. As little as £10 will provide a day’s board for a horse who is in need of some loving care and attention while £25 will kit out an animal cruelty inspector – helping them to solve more cases on a daily basis.

A generous £50 will equip an inspector’s van with the likes of a pet carrier, an animal catching set and a first aid kit. Instead of spending our hard-earned cash on material things each and every year, we can spend a small sum helping the RSPCA relieve the ongoing suffering of animals by choosing to donate to them at Christmas.

Not only could it act as a great gift for an animal lover but it can also teach your little ones the importance of caring for animals and other people and protecting those who are vulnerable. 

Whether you’re thinking about welcoming a new furry friend into your home or quite simply wish to help, donating to the RSPCA this Christmas could help stamp out cruelty.

Join the RSPCA and say #NoToCruelty by donating to their Christmas Appeal. Text RESCUE to 84010 to donate £3 and make a real difference to the lives of injured, mistreated, abandoned and abused animals this winter.
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