Tuesday 18 November 2014

The #coffeewithcurrys event

On Sunday, you may have seen a lot of Instagram pictures and tweets from me while I was at the #coffeewithcurrys event. Warren & I had such a brilliant day in Cardiff learning about coffee and playing with Nespresso machines. 

We arrived at the gorgeous Waterloo Tea and were promptly handed some iced coffee's to try, mine with soya milk because of my lactose intolerance. They were absolutely delicious and it made us even more excited for the day to come. We were put into groups and there were 4 stations set up around the room that we moved around. 

The first station was a bit of barista training; learning about grinding the coffee and how to do latte art. It was really interesting actually, Warren & I were both surprised to learn that it is the grinding of the coffee that is the most important above anything else. Latte art was fun but it is a lot more difficult than it looks, especially with soya milk! Mine resembled more of a slug while Warren said his looked more like Kim K, hahaha! Never the less it was really fun having a go and making our coffee's 'from scratch' so to speak. 

Our next station was 'cupping'.. this is actually just coffee tasting but sounds a lot more rude, haha! Did you know that the louder you slurp coffee the better? It covers your whole palette so that you get the whole taste of the coffee. We had fun trying a few different coffees out and trying to guess their flavours.. my favourite was definitely the vanilla! 

Next was the coffee cocktail making and this was probably the most fun station. I'm not really a big drinker but some of the cocktails tasted amazing! The lovely guy making them was actually Lady GaGa's personal cocktail maker at her birthday.. how cool is that?! After he'd made us a few to try, Warren got to have a go at making his own cocktail, he went for a raspberry one and it wasn't too bad although a little strong for me! 

The last station was then with the Nespresso team and the machines, we got to learn more about the company, the coffee, the packaging and the machines. It's always nice to see the passion people have for the products they work with and you can tell Nespresso is definitely about the customers. They always think of the convenience for the customer; such as a 24 hour helpline, collecting used pods to be recycled and being able to order through an app when you're out and about. It was also good to hear they are rated AAA quality which is even better than being Fair trade. 

After we had done all our stations, it was our turn for some food. The food was absolutely incredible! We had roasted salad, glazed salmon, finger sandwiches and canap├ęs as well as dairy and gluten free options as well as water and tea to drink.

The overall day was brilliant, we learnt so much but in such fun ways. It was a fabulous event, I'm so glad we had the chance to be part of it. Everyone was welcoming and the event was held so well by the organisers and the venue. They catered perfectly for everyone's intolerances or dietary requirements the whole day through. We also had competitions at the end and a few people won prizes of Prosecco and Nespresso machines! This was definitely an event that was done perfectly, thank you Curry's for having us! To see Curry's blog post about the day click here

I also did a little vlog of the day :)


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