Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Bow Boutique review & GIVEAWAY!

You may notice that Sienna wears a bow in her hair near enough every day now to hold her fringe back.. in fact she has been wearing The Bow Boutique bows from almost a year now; when she was younger with not much hair I went for the smaller bow clips and now we are on the bigger ones.
I always use The Bow Boutique as they are SO gorgeous, nicely packaged and they deliver really quickly. They'd make the perfect gift or even stocking filler as they come packaged in lovely little organza bags and a cute little tag. 

In the Summer I ordered Sienna a baby pink, yellow and white but for the Autumn/Winter we got some new darker colours. We got the Thea, Harriet, Anna, Peaches, Leah and Tory. It's such a good mix of colours and they got with most of her outfits. I adore the Navy one in Sienna's blonde hair, it just looks gorgeous! 

The Bow Boutique don't only do these clips, they also do the gorgeous headbands and also shabby chic flower clips. I have never got any headbands for Sienna as she isn't a fan of having things on her head..even her clips are a struggle to keep in some times! Although I think I will be purchasing some of the flower clips for Sienna's stocking, they're just too beautiful and she can never have enough ;) 

If you'd love to win £10 credit for The Bow Boutique, enter via the rafflecopter below! If you can't wait to see if you win before ordering, use the code 'sienna' for a 10% discount :)


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