Sunday 30 November 2014

Our Weekend!

Saturday morning was really chilled out just playing with Sienna and then when Warren went to football around 12, he dropped Sienna off at his Mum's on the way as we were out for the night. We had a friends evening do in Bristol who we hadn't seen for a good few years so it was really nice! 

I have been feeling really stressed and busy lately so I really wanted an afternoon to myself to feel like 'me' again and not a robot, haha! I did vacuum the house and do a  bit of washing and tidying in the first hour but after that I just sat, did some blogging, watched some YouTube videos and spent ages doing my make-up. It was so nice to just have that time and not rush, it made me feel a lot better so was definitely needed! When Warren came home from football we headed straight to the Bristol Central Travelodge where we were staying for the night. 

We love Travelodge's for just one or two nights- they're always clean, comfortable, well facilitated and the staff always seem happy to help no matter what. The bathroom's can be a little basic and small but they still have everything you need. Warren was saying how they wouldn't be the type of bathroom you'd want at home; for your own bathroom you'd love something a bit more roomy with some nice bathroom furniture but for a few nights while you're away they're 'spot on' (his words, not mine). They're also so affordable and the breakfast buffet is delicious! 

Travelodge are currently advertising a campaign to inspire to Britain to 'get up & go' and it's their biggest campaign to date. The campaign's aim is for Travelodge to become Britain's favourite hotel for value. They are investing in hotel refurbishments, new Travelodge Dreamer beds and have even slashed prices for the wi-fi and are providing in-room complimentary toiletries. Peter Gowers, Travelodge Chief Executive says“Our campaign inspires you to get up and go and explore all that Britain has to offer.  Whether you are going to take the kids, leave the kids, or make more kids, there are now over 500 Travelodge hotels to base yourself in and thousands of new beds to get up and go from.” We definitely think they are going the right way about it, travel lodge is always our number one choice.

Once we got ready we jumped in a taxi unto the evening do and we had a really good night! I do love a good wedding party, haha! Neither of us got too drunk, I stuck to rosé wine and paced myself.. I was even drinking water by the end of the night so I woke up with no hangover, woo! Sunday morning we had our yummy breakfast buffet and went straight to pick Sienna up. 

In the afternoon, we went to Frankie & Benny's to check out their Christmas menu. To start I got the Prawn cocktail wraps* and Warren got the Cheese and garlic mushrooms*, both were delicious! They had lots of flavour were just the right size. For main, I went for the Christmas dinner* and Warren got the BBQ Grinder rigatoni*. Our mains were quite disappointing, mine didn't come with any veg (even though it said it would) and Warren's pasta was quite undercooked and was chewy. The flavour of Warren's was still really good though although I wasn't too impressed with my roast. For dessert Warren got the Red velvet cake* and I got the Bourbon salted caramel cheesecake*. Both were absolutely delicious although we decided mine was the winner! Overall, it was ok; our mains were the biggest disappointment but you are getting 3 courses for £19.95 so we can't complain too much. I have to be honest about the service though; it was so slow and it has been every other time we have been there as well, not just on this visit. There must have been 5 or 6 people working and only 8 tables of 2-3 but we were waiting for ages in-between courses and they seemed to all stand talking or not be paying attention to the customers and when they were finished. 

The afternoon/evening is going to be spent getting festive; wrapping presents and doing a bit of Christmas decorating! I also got Elf on the shelf and the advent calendars out ready! I'm so ready and excited for December! Don't forget I am doing Vlogmas this year, so subscribe to my YouTube to keep up too date if you fancy watching us everyday until Christmas Day!

What did you get up too this weekend?
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