Saturday 15 November 2014

Our week; wedding planning & a day's shopping!

On Monday I decided to really start getting myself back into a workout routine and eating clean. I finally felt ready after having Rocco, I felt that my hormones had settled down and to be honest, I wanted my body back how I like it. I am keeping track of all my workouts on my Workout Log page so you can get some inspiration too if you wish! This week has felt so good getting back into it.
I also got my Christmas countdown plaque out.. only 39 days to go!! 

Tuesday we had such a good day. I went shopping with a friend and her little boy who is about 6 months younger than Sienna. They get on really well and they were so well behaved for us! Sienna even fell asleep for a good hour and a half and didn't wet herself either, how amazing is that?! We went to Clarks Village and there were so many bargains to be had! I actually got Sienna this gorgeous new floral coat from Monsoon, it's perfect and what I have been looking for. It was only £25 so I couldn't not buy it! I got it in age 2-3, it has plenty of growing room so should last until next year!

We had a yummy lunch in pret, I'm trying to be good so I got the Mozzarella and pesto toast as it was the item with the lowest fat in that I could find, it was SO good though! Of course I had a coffee too and Sienna and I shared some grapes. 

The rest of the week has been mainly grocery shopping, playing, chores and wedding planning! 

Our wedding planning is going ok, although getting the guest list together is so stressful as I have quite a lot of family that would love to come but we just can't afford to pay for them all! Hopefully we will sort something out. 

We have found our venue (we think), we absolutely love it and are happy with it but we may have to find something else if we are going to have more people... although we really, really, really don't want too! We love it that much, it seems perfect.

I've also decided on my colour scheme although I'm not going to share just yet incase I change my mind again, I have already changed it all once! haha! I also think I know what type of dress I want. I'm excited to go and try on dresses, I just hope what I've had in mind looks right on me! 

What have you been up too?

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