Monday 17 November 2014

Office essentials

My office essentials are so important for my blogging and vlogging career. I need to stay organised and on top of everything and I find having a dedicated space to work helps with that. Our office space is our spare room that I use sometimes during the day (when I get 5 minutes!) but I also work downstairs a lot in the evenings on the sofa. I try to spend time with Warren and work at the same time, so I don't like being stuck upstairs in the office. Warren actually made our desk in the office out of some old palettes last year. It's nice and rustic and does the job but if that's not you're thing and you're into antique furniture instead, then there are some great antique desks here

For me, my Macbook Pro is an essential, especially now I have my brand new one! I think most bloggers would agree. It's so quick, has lots of storage and I think I am just used to Apple products now. I also use iMovie so much for my YouTube videos so couldn't be without it. Of course you don't need a brand new Macbook, whatever you are used to working with is fine but I do highly recommend them.

Some kind of diary or notepad is definitely essential. My Bonnie Marcus Mum's everyday essential planner is a great all rounder for my everyday Mum duties as well as work. If you're a diary lover, you really need this one! It has sections for everything you can think of. In the past I have tried to keep lists on my phone but I just don't look at them and then forget to do something and end up rushing around or missing a deadline. I don't think you can beat an old school list with pen & paper! 

For me, coffee is a must have. It wakes me up and helps me get motivated and concentrate. I am literally addicted to our Tassimo Vivy machine now, instant coffee just doesn't cut it! My favourite at the moment is the Kenco 100% columbium, yum! Something that's probably not essential is the type of mug you have but I personally think you can't beat my biscuit mugs from Tesco ;)

What are your office essentials?

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