Sunday 9 November 2014

Choosing a colour for your front door

One of the most enjoyable projects that you can undertake is the replacement of the exterior, front door of your home.  If you’ve lived in the home for a number of years, this project can breathe new life into the exterior design of your home and set the stage for what you want your guests to experience inside.  Your front door is the first impression that guests have of your home so you want the colour to be the perfect one for your statement of style.  You’ll improve the kerb appeal of your property, make a more inviting entrance to your home, and set the tone for any entertaining that you are planning to do throughout the year.  Let’s look at some tips for choosing the right colour for your new front door.

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The colour that you choose should contrast with the exterior of your home but still work together to create a pleasing look for you.  Take into consideration all of the elements outside your home so that the colour you choose will work nicely.

Take a look at the colours that some of your neighbours have chosen for their doors so that you can get an idea of what works effectively and which colours are not suitable for your home.
An easy way to experiment with various colours for your door is to take a picture of the front of your home that includes the door, make copies, and then try different colours to see which one you like best.
Consider the type of interior design that you have in your home and choose a colour that will match and be the prelude to what your guests will see once they enter your home.  You should also look for hardware that complements your door and adds a touch of safety and security to your entrance.  By visiting you can find a plethora of colours that are available; this is the fun part of your project-deciding which colour best suits your home’s look and your personality.
As you narrow down your choices for the colour of your front door, be sure to keep in mind the style of your home as well as the neighbourhood in which you are located.  You want to exude a feeling of elegance and uniqueness but you also want your home to fit in and coordinate with the other homes in your area.  If you are preparing your home to be placed on the market for sale, you should keep in mind that not everyone likes vibrant colours; it may be wise to choose a neutral colour that can be changed once the transactions with the Estate Agent have been completed.

Remember that you’ll only have once chance to make a first impression on your guests, friends, and potential buyers so give great thought to the colour of the main entry door of your home.  Be creative, practical, but keep a down-to-earth approach with your choice.
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