Wednesday 1 October 2014

Warren's dream Christmas list

Sometimes it's nice to break away from the reality of being a parent and dream as if you were a little kid. Warren and I quite often dream of what kind of house we'd want or car we'd drive or where in the world we'd live if we had all the money in the world. Warren put together a list of his absolute dream Christmas list, if money was no object which was quite fun! 

dream christmas list

Of course, like most men he would love a nice car! His favourite at the moment is the Audi R8, he has mentioned it a couple of times. He'd get in the silver/gun metal colour with all the added extras. I actually quite like this car too I'm sad we'll probably never be able to have one! As well as a nice car he'd love a nice watch. Warren doesn't wear a watch day to day as his last one broke and we haven't got round to replacing it yet. He likes the Pragnell pre-owned watches, particularly the one above. It's similar colours to the car, do you see a theme? I actually really like this watch too. he has good taste! Last but not least, a villa in Las Vegas. This will come as no surprise to you if you know Warren. He'd love to go to Vegas, he actually wants to get married in Vegas and a Villa in Vegas would be the ultimate dream!

What's on your partners/husband's dream Christmas list?

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