Monday 13 October 2014

The Peppa Aquadoodle!

We've heard so much about the Aquadoodle floating around the blogosphere and finally we have the Peppa Pig Aquadoodle ourselves. The lovely Ami from Beebiesbabystore sent us this to try out due to our Ambassador role. 

The aqua doodle is a mat that allows hours of fun and drawing with no mess, only water. It has a special Peppa pig pen that uses water for you to be able to draw. It also comes with a muddy puddle stamper that you attach to the pen. It's 55 x 75cm so is a good size for using on the floor. We love to use ours to teach Sienna her letters and numbers and well as trying to get her to draw shapes. 

As the mat only uses water, there is no mess so I can leave Sienna drawing while I get some chores done and not worry that all my furniture will be covered in crayon when I return! The water soon dries on the mat and the mat is clear again to start over. We think this is brilliant, I wish I had got one sooner! 


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