Saturday 11 October 2014

The #Alprotops challenge

When I was contacted to take part in the 'Alprotops' challenge I jumped at the chance. Sienna and I are already big fans of Alpro as we are lactose intolerant but we hadn't tried any of the flavoured Alpro yogurts, only the plain. To be honest, before this challenge I was never a fan of yogurt for breakfast so I was intrigued at how it would go.

 The Alprotops challenge is all about getting creative with your breakfasts and creating different toppings for the yogurt. For five days, we created something for breakfast using the Alpro plant-based yogurts.

The first day I had a slice of my Apple bake warmed slightly topped with the vanilla Alpro yogurt and mango cubes. Oh. My.God. It was delicious! It tasted like a dessert and even though it is healthy, it tasted like I was indulging way too much for the morning. 

Next I tried the Strawberry with rhubarb Alpro topped with some muesli and blueberries. This was delicious as well, a lovely healthy start to my day! 

I kept it simple for this breakfast. Plain porridge, strawberries and the Lemon & Lime Alpro yogurt. Even though it was quite simple it was still so good, sometimes simple is best! 

I decided to be brave and go bold with this breakfast; Lemon & Lime Alpro topped with dried mint and coconut. I wouldn't normally use mint or coconut in my breakfasts so this was definitely a new combination for me.

A healthy breakfast of plain Alpro topped with a berry & seed mix and a swirl of honey completed my 5 day challenge. 

I had so much fun with this challenge, I tried some combinations I would never normally have and they turned out to be delicious and make me want to get up in the morning! The flavoured Alpro yogurts are so good, I will definitely be purchasing the strawberry with rhubarb again! My 'AlproTops of the Pots' has to be the muesli and blueberries, the perfect healthy, light breakfast. 

What would be your dream topping? 

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