Wednesday 15 October 2014

Little Wishes… A poem for Sienna

I was looking for Mother Daughter poems as I'm not that great with words and I came across this one. I think it's perfect for the time of our lives at the moment. I absolutely love her at this age, she is growing and changing every day and it's going way too fast!


Little Wishes

Little wishes on great big stars. 
Daughter, I make a wishes for you. 
Keep on growing and keep on smiling. 
And I'll keep loving all that you do. 

 Little dreamers wishing big things. 
The world is your stage to display. 
You can sing and you can dance. 
Enjoy all that comes your way. 

 Little hopes in a great big world. 
Nothing can stop your free spirit. 
Make some noise, play a beat. 
It's beautiful music when I hear it. 

 Little kisses from my now big girl, 
You're growing up so fast it seems. 
Pretty soon you'll leave the nest 
And fly after all of your dreams. 

 Little girl I love you, 
And I love you even more. 
Because I made a wish once, 
And you're what I wished for.


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