Tuesday 14 October 2014

Keeping warm this Winter (on a budget)

Winter brings with it not only the cold but also the high cost of heating bills. There are many ways to keep warm during the chilly months, such as putting on layers of clothing, acquiring boiler rental services, building up a fire, and eating bowls of hot chicken soup. Keeping your home warm is important especially if you have a family, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five smart and practical tricks to help you keep warm without breaking the bank.

Seal and insulate
Before the wintry months arrive on your doorstep, check your insulation. Identify the type of insulation you have and check for bare spots. Repair and replace insulation as necessary; it will go a long way in saving energy costs in the future. You should also check your house for drafts and air leaks that let the cold air from outside into the house. Seal the cracks and gaps in windows and walls using weather stripping to keep the cold air away and keep the warm air from escaping. Sealing baseboards and caulking windows also significantly decrease the amount of cold air creeping into a room. You can also use heavy lined curtains to prevent heat from escaping through the windows.

Close off unused rooms
There may be rooms in your house that you don’t use on a regular basis, such as a storage room. To save on energy and cut costs, turn off the air vent and seal the room. Your furniture won’t mind the cold and your heating system won’t have to work twice as hard.

Let the sunshine in
Maximize the heating benefits of direct sunlight by opening the blinds or curtains of windows facing the sun. In the morning, open the blinds of the windows located at the eastern side of the house where the sun rises. At noon, you can close them and open the ones located at the west-facing side of the house to let the afternoon sunlight in. 

Layer up your living spaces
Bring out as many blankets, comforters, old towels, and rugs as you can, and embark on a winter decorating spree. This is probably the best thing you can do to keep warm on a budget, because you won’t have to spend for anything at all! You can make your couch warmer and more comfortable by draping a blanket over it. Cover up your bare floorboards with rugs layered with old towels. According to the National Energy Foundation, bare floors that are not insulated account for as much as ten percent of heat loss. Rugs in warm colors such as brown and cream give a warm aesthetic appeal. You can also overlap rugs for a more cushioned and warmer surface.

Tune up your heating system
Just as cars need periodic tune-ups to make sure they run their best, heating systems also need regular servicing and maintenance. By keeping your heating system clean and properly adjusted, you will be able to reduce your energy use and save up to five percent of heating costs. Have your system checked weeks before the winter season starts so that you’ll still have plenty of time to allow for any necessary repairs.

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