Friday 24 October 2014

Getting organised

These past few weeks I have been working on getting the house a bit more organised. I don't know about you, but I feel much less stressed and worried if everything is organised and in it's place. I hate things being cluttered and just dumped anywhere and everywhere, I feel like my mind is all over the place and I can't focus! That being said, we have minimal storage in our house so it is hard to always find a place for everything.. I know I keep on about it but it's so true! I need to buy a lot more furniture and storage items to help with that, it's just finding bits I like!

I recently got these baskets to store Sienna's toys in (see video here) and the next item on my list is this Corona unit for our living room. I love it and it will be a good bit of storage for Sienna's crafts bits and I can display all my candles and little nick nacks!  

I sorted out Sienna's wardrobe on Monday and that made me feel so much better. It had been in need of it for ages.. I found some items aged 9-12 months and she is nearly 2! I went through and took out everything that was too small and then sorted that pile into things I may want for a future baby and things I want to give to charity. The amount I got rid of was crazy, why did she have all those clothes?! haha! I found a lot of things that were actually still too big and so I have put those up the top ready for next year.

I also put all her boots and shoes in the bottom of her wardrobe instead of downstairs. That made a bit more room in the hallway for all mine and Warren's shoes so that looks a bit tidier too! The one thing I struggle to keep organised though is letters and paperwork.. ugh! Please tell me you have this problem too? We have Chinese menus in the cutlery drawer, a pile of letters on the shoe cabinet and another, even bigger pile on the top of our coat rack that is balancing so carefully if anyone dares go near it, I panic it will all come floating down! 

I have been looking around for some kind of way of organising it without having a million folders and I across this personalised organiser from Jonny's sister. I think they're so cute! You know my obsession with wood ;) I guess it is more meant for an office but I thought if Warren and I both got one, they'd sit next to each other on the shoe cabinet nicely. We can also keep our tablets, iPads and iPhones there too as Warren is notorious for putting his phone down and not being able to find it! 

How/Where do you store your paperwork and bills?

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