Tuesday 7 October 2014

From ex to next; Second marriages

*Post written by Marie Mccormack. Marie Mccormack is in her second marriage, which has lasted more than ten years. An avid blogger, she loves to help others find happiness in their love lives. You can read her posts on many blogs sites today. Follow The Circle on Google+.
Second marriages have become much more commonplace these days and the author Samuel Johnson summed it perfectly when he said that “remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience”.
That is not to say that finding love again and getting any children from a previous marriage to accept a step-parent in their life, is not without its problems and challenges.
Here is a look at how you might successfully move on from a divorce and into a happier and healthier relationship, by putting your previous experience and emotional feelings to positive use in order to find the love of your life.

Time is a great healer
There is inevitably going to be a period of time after a divorce or even the death of your spouse where emotional wounds will be much harder to feel and you may not actually be ready to start a new relationship.
There are people who will want to get some guidance about what the future holds for them by using psychic readings, and that may prove helpful especially if you are unsure about the direction your life is taking.
Sound advice would be to wait about 2-3 years before you start seriously dating again. That may seem a long time, but if will give you sufficient time to take stock of your life and deal with the grief and pain that you will have experience after your marriage ended.
No rush to marry again
Marrying for the second time is more than just falling in love again, as there are normally complications and emotional baggage that exist from your first marriage.
It would be good to date for at least two years before deciding to tie the knot again, and waiting this long will also help to dispel any rebound relationship doubts that either of you might secretly have.
Your children can be the key
The key to successfully moving on and remarrying is thinking about your kid’s emotions and past experiences.
The important thing is to try and be sensitive to any loss issues that your children might be feeling and to avoid rushing them in any way.
They also need to time to come to terms with a new family dynamic and feelings of resentment and rejection can often come to the surface if you try too hard to get them to accept your new relationship before everyone is ready.
Your new spouse will have different feelings
No matter how strong your new relationship is, it is still unrealistic to expect your new spouse to feel exactly the same about your children as you do.
Step-parents can definitely forge really close bonds and great relationships but you should still be prepared for some disagreements on parenting decisions and house rules.
As long as you try to parent as a team and accept that there are going to be some fundamental differences of opinion and feelings, this will help you to become much more tolerant and accepting of your spouse’s views and help to diffuse any potential tension.
The best advice of all when moving on from ex to next is to work smarter rather than harder at your new relationship, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that relationships provide.

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