Sunday 28 September 2014

Toddler crafts; Autumn leaf garland

Sienna has been getting so bored lately and I can't blame her; we have been stuck in doors for weeks. Obviously after losing the baby I haven't really been in the mood to be here there and everywhere and before that it was horrendous tiredness and nausea when I was pregnant.

Now that I am starting to feel a bit better, I have been scouring the internet for crafts and activity ideas and we have been trying to do a little something most days. We alternative easier crafts with more advanced crafts so that it doesn't get boring or too tiring for her.

The other day we went for a little Autumn walk. I adore the Autumn it is my favourite season so I was really excited. We collected some leaves and Sienna was loving the colours and shapes and when we got home we decided to craft with them.

We made a very simple leaf garland that wasn't hard to do and didn't take very long but Sienna had fun and was very proud to see it up on the fence. 

I let Sienna pick out her favourite leaves to use, she loved the 'star' shapes as she called them and we alternated big with small and the greens with the browns. All we did then was glue them to a piece of mustard yellow ribbon and viola! We pinned it to the fence to make the fence look a bit prettier and Sienna loved it, she couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home! 

It fun for both of us to do and passed some time rather than us getting bored and Sienna misbehaving. I'm so excited to do more crafts with her in the future now she can really get involved and show her excitement! 

What Autumn crafts do you love? 

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