Monday 1 September 2014

Play doh; the lifesaver!

I've been chosen to join Mecca's Activities Competition, hosted by Mecca Bingo, which means doing a post about what we've been loving to do over the Summer Holidays. 

Now most of you will know that I am now 13 weeks pregnant and so pretty much the whole of these holidays, I have been stuck indoors suffering with nausea and really bad migraines thanks to all my hormones. 

As much as it's been hard for me, it has been hard for Sienna too. She gets so bored stuck in all day and I haven't even felt well enough to take her for a little walk most days. We've both been struggling. Of course we do the usual playing with her dolls house, reading books and watching Peppa Pig but even those get boring some times. The other day I was wracking my brains for something we could do that A) Would keep Sienna occupied for at least an hour and B) We didn't have to leave the house to do.

One thing sprung to mind; Play-doh!

A chicken and a carrot apparently…!!

We had never had play-doh before as Sienna used to eat everything she touched, then scream when it wasn't food, haha! However I thought now she was a bit older it was worth a go. I found a brilliant, simple recipe from Claire's blog here and we got to work making it as I had all the ingredients already in the cupboard. I thought it had gone horribly wrong at first but just kept stirring and finally we had play-doh! SO simple! 

Sienna was intrigued to play with it and not once did she attempt to eat it. She absolutely loves playing with Play-doh and it keeps her occupied for hours! She loves to cut it, roll it, make shapes, build towers, stretch it, squidge it.. her imagination runs wild and I get to have a little me time, catch up with housework or blogging (like I am right now!).

It may not be the most exciting or expensive activity but it has been a lifesaver for me these past few weeks and just goes to show, sometimes the best things in life are free! 

What activities have your kids been loving?

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