Tuesday 9 September 2014

My new Trollbeads bracelet

I'm not a huge lover of statement/costume jewellery; I like more dainty pieces and I like my pieces to have a meaning or story behind them. My everyday jewellery consisted of my engagement ring, eternity ring and my Little Pinkies necklace with Sienna's handprint and date of birth on. 

This gorgeous trollbeads bracelet is my latest addition. Trollbeads can be found in more than 50 countries and has grown to have over 600 beads. Each bead has it's own meaning and story, so you can put together a piece of jewellery that represents you. I chose everything myself from the Sterling silver bracelet*, Elephant lock* and the 4 beads.

The beads I chose were the following; 
Baby girl* 'A symbol of that most precious of treasures' for Sienna, of course!
Endless* 'Endless is a bead which is not a sphere but which has the same properties as a sphere and thus describes a sphere's dimensions' for Warren's and I's love/relationship. 
Silver Trace, Pink* 'Fine silver sparkles and glitters like a star trail in a diminutive pink universe' for my love of pink!
and finally Stay Positive* 'No matter what way you turn this bead, you will always have a plus sign smiling up at you. A reminder to stay positive and focus on the good things in life', self explanatory really! 

The elephant lock represents that elephants are my favourite animal and obviously the silver bracelet means it will match my everyday silver/white gold jewellery.  I love how they all represent something in my life, it's definitely a piece I will keep adding too to build up an amazing bracelet that fully represents me. I can't wait to add my next one when baby number 2 is born! 

To get your own bracelet or necklace and check out their bead range, head to the Trollbeads website.

Do you have a personalised piece of jewellery?

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