Tuesday 30 September 2014

Max Factor colour corrector sticks

Max Factor colour corrector sticks review
Max Factor colour corrector sticks review

Colour correctors seem to be all the rage lately and these corrector sticks from Max Factor are new to my make-up bag. The idea behind them is they use certain colours to neutralise and correct colourings in the skin that can sometimes be hard to cover up. The stick form of these allow you to be quite specific in where you apply them so you can create a really flawless base. 

The pink is the 'balancer' and helps even out dark spots on light skin tones, the yellow is the 'brightener' and neutralises purple tones such as under eye circles, the green is the 'reducer' which helps to reduce any redness in the skin and the purple is the 'revitaliser' so helps banish dullness. The highlighter then helps illuminate any high points of the face adding a glow and enhancing your features. 

The sticks are a very creamy formula that blends effortlessly into the skin. They aren't too intense, they leave a subtle colour that really does help counteract the problem it's targeting and therefore gives you a much more even base than with foundation alone. 

My favourite is probably the yellow for my under eye area. I do struggle with dark circles and this really helps neutralise the colour rather than just covering it up with concealer. The highlighter is also gorgeous and gives such a gorgeous glow on the cheek bones. 

I have noticed that for my oily skin they are a little too creamy and tend to slide around a bit however I think with the Winter coming up and my skin becoming drier, they will start to work a lot better! If you do have a slightly drier skin type I think these would work perfectly and are definitely worth a try if you are struggling from one of the concerns they target. 

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Have you tried these? What do you think? 

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