Friday 5 September 2014

Asda Baby & Toddler Event; My top picks!


Asda's baby & toddler event is currently in full swing and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things I'm looking at getting for baby and Sienna.

I still have my eye on the perfect prep machine, I'm so undecided wether to get it or not as we have a whole new travel system to buy but we will see. It's such a good deal! Also the Tommee Tippee bottle set to go with it is amazing value, 6 bottles for just £10 instead of £25! For baby we will probably only use Pampers in the first few months as we found them the best with Sienna, so we will be stocking up with those.

I also spotted this 'compact cot' which is a gorgeous mocha colour which is why it caught my eye, it's also great if you're on a budget as it's only £49! They do it is so many colours from white to purple to yellow. The rabbit hooded towel is so adorable and even though we have all of Sienna's still, I want to 'update' some of them as they have gone a bit rough and bobbly.

The suitcases are so cute too, they are little mamas and papas suitcases and inside they have 3 little boxes; one for baby's name tag, one for first curl and one for first tooth. Then you can use the other little bit of space for more memories, photos etc. They're gorgeous! If only I knew the sex of this baby so I could get the right one, haha!

For Sienna, I actually already bought the pull ups and the much kin cup. We are always in need of Pull Ups as she is still using them for naps and night time, we haven't really tried getting her to go through the night yet as she still has a rather full pair of pull ups in the mornings! The munchkin cup I love as it is non spill and the only one I've found that I really like. They're down to £2 so I couldn't help pick up another one!

The bed mats we should probably stock up on for when we attempt to get Sienna to nap without pull ups.. eek! Last but not least this perfect fit potty ring looks great for toilet training. I think Sienna is nearly ready as she has started hiding her potty when she has done something in it and she won't use her potty if there are too many people around, she has become conscious of what she is actually doing. 

What do you have your eye on?

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