Monday 18 August 2014

What's in my kitchen?

I'm loving people's home decor posts at the moment so I thought I would do one of my own. One place I never really show is our kitchen because we haven't done too much too it, I still have a big blank wall with nothing on that I need to fill and it is a bit small to have any nice furniture in. Above are the little details I have added to make it a bit more interesting. The clock is from Amazon (similar here) and I love the rustic feel of it. I added the heart to the window (from the charity shop) just to add to the country feel the same as the vase (from B&M). Of course, no mum's kitchen is complete without their child's art work so I have a cupboard for Sienna's paintings! 

Our shiny bin is new and it's from Vida-Appliances. It's a 50L sensor bin and I love it! It's much bigger than our old one so needs changing less often and is much more stylish and sleek than our old square, plastic one. The sensor lid is so handy and hygienic when you have your hands full of rubbish. I wish we had got one when we first moved in!

At the end of our kitchen table we have this gorgeous weekly planner hanging up. This is from Next and everyone seems to comment on it. Again the wood works well with the country theme but it is also so, so handy, especially with the baby brain! I use it for all my appointments and as you can see, my meal plans. 

In my kitchen cupboards, I have a new to me brand of cleaning products. This is the YOU brand and they are 100% plant based so naturally powerful. It is totally safe to use in the house which is important when you have kids (and if you are pregnant.. those other fumes aren't great for you!). They are also totally refillable to help reduce the carbon footprint, produce less waste and save us money. All sounds fab doesn't it?! But do they actually work? Yep, they are brilliant! I have noticed recently that cleaning products really don't need all those chemicals and nasties, I actually prefer the more natural brands I have tried and these are no exception. My favourite is the Kitchen cleaner, it really is extra degreasing and works wonders on my hob. You can tell this brand has been well thought out and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't choose these over the usual brands. To find out more or buy online, click here

My new favourite toy; The Tassimo Vivy.. full review coming soon! :)

What's in your kitchen?

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