Friday 8 August 2014

Summer activity hunt

*In collaboration with e-outdoor

Summer is definitely the time for exploring outdoors. I have seen many Facebook statuses and vlogs on YouTube about families going camping, glamping and exploring the big outdoors these past few weeks. Sienna is definitely an outdoor type of girl, she would live outside if she could.

Wether it's water play or looking for bugs, nothing phases her. She is so inquisitive and actually seems to love all kinds of bugs.. she's always waving to ladybirds and laying down to talk to the slugs. While I do call her crazy, I love her outgoing, knee-deep-in-everything kind of personality. It makes our days fun and she seems to learn so much from it too which is brilliant. 

Now she is getting older and can walk for longer, we definitely plan on taking her further than the garden to explore. I'm not sure if she's ready for an actual camping holiday just because of the sleeping situation.. she's isn't great at sleeping in new places so we might wait until she's a bit older. However living in the country, there is many lanes and tracks we can walk down and explore as well as actual nature trails. 

If your kids love exploring the outdoors too, e-outdoor have created a Summer Hunt Activity Sheet that you can print off and take with you on your walks to make it more interesting, fun and educational. It looks really good and I think Sienna will love it so I already have a little place in mind we can visit and take our activity sheet. Click here to download it.

Will you be exploring the outdoors this Summer?

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