Thursday 7 August 2014

Perkier treats!

A while ago we were sent these Perkier gluten free treats to try out. Normally, they would be gone within a few days but unfortunately because of my pregnancy I have not fancied anything sweet at all! I have totally gone off sweets, desserts and chocolate which is totally unlike me (everyone keeps telling me this means baby is a boy, but we'll see!). I waited a few weeks to see if my sweet tooth returned but it hasn't so I gave Warren the job of reviewing these for me. Perkier foods are a brand that offer gluten free products such as breakfast cereal & porridge, snacks and bread. 

We were kindly sent the Rocky road and Tiffin bars, as well as the bite size rocky road. From the start everything looked great, from the package being bright and fun to the actual food looking absolutely delicious! The taste didn't let them down either, they definitely hit the spot if you're wanting something sweet and are everything you'd expect from a usual tiffin/rocky road treat. Warren was glad he got to test these out all by himself (he may have had a little help from Sienna too!).

I have often wondered about going wheat/gluten free but it does seem like such a big lifestyle change. I worry I'd not be able to eat much but with more and more brilliant companies such as Perkier bringing out delicious food and snacks, I'm pretty sure soon it will be easy enough to go gluten free without feeling like you're missing out. Check out Perkier's website and range here

Have you tried Perkier's range? Are you gluten free?

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