Sunday 24 August 2014

It's like milk, but made for humans

With Sienna and I being lactose intolerant, we are always trying out new dairy free alternatives, wether it be milk, cheese or yogurt substitutes. So far we have tried soya, almond and rice but this Oatly Oat Drink is the newest one to be added to our cupboards.

Oatly is a Swedish brand that promises everything they make is based on plants and has nothing to do with the animal kingdom. We've tried out the original, organic and chocolate variations of the Oatly family and we love them all. 

They are easy to drink as a milk alternative and taste naturally sweet. Sienna has taking a particular liking for this drink over any other we have tried. I give her milk in a 'big girl' cup a couple of times a day and she has been constantly asking for 'more oaty milk please mummy' which she never normally does. 

She of course loves the chocolate version as a drink (so does mummy..) and I have even used it in her porridge as a little treat. She loves the fact she gets chocolate for breakfast and I love the fact I know it's all goodness in there! I will definitely be repurchasing this as I think a milk substitute is vital in Sienna's diet and as she keeps asking me for this, I think we've found a winner! 

Do you drink milk substitutes? Have you tried this brand?

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