Monday 11 August 2014

Childs Farm

Child's Farm review
Child's Farm reviewChild's Farm review

Childs Farm is a brand I hadn't heard of until recently however I wish I had discovered them sooner. They make their products as natural and as organic as possible for children; no parabens, SLS', mineral oils or artificial colours are to be found in any of the product range making them perfect for Children. 
They offer a whole range of toiletry products from hand wash to bubble bath and everything in between. 

We have been trying out the hand wash and bubble bath and so far we are very impressed. Since Sienna has been potty training, she has developed some eczema on her bottom and is constantly scratching it. It got red, dry and flaky and looked so sore bless her, I tried all the creams you could think of yet nothing would clear it up. As you can see from these products they do say suitable for eczema prone skin which I thought was great and would maybe help. I wasn't expecting such amazing results though. I'm not sure if it is purely coincidence as they don't claim to clear eczema up or anything but after using the bubble bath twice, her eczema had improved so much to the point where it is nearly gone and she doesn't scratch it anymore. I haven't changed anything else and even stopped all the creams so I can only think it was the bubble bath that worked wonders and maybe her old stuff was irritating it more as it wasn't for eczema prone skin. As well as the amazing powers, they also smell gorgeous and the packing is very child friendly and appealing. I just love everything about these products. 

After those amazing results, I love this brand and already have the hair detangler on my list for Sienna. One thing to mention is the price; these do retail at £4.69 and the detangler at £4.75 which is a bit pricey however I have mentioned before that I am willing to pay a bit more for Sienna's products if they are natural and worth the money. I think this brand definitely is worth the money, if your children suffer from eczema they are worth a try and if they work for you, will save you money in the long run on all the useless lotions and potions out there. This is a brand I will certainly continue to buy!

Childs Farm is stocked in Boots, Ocado, Waitrose and John Lewis and you can also order directly through their online shop
They are also stocked in other stores depending on your region, to find out where your nearest stockist is, click here.

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Have you tried this brand? What do you think? 

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