Sunday 17 August 2014

A rare lazy Sunday morning

Last night Sienna spontaneously stayed at Grandmas for the night so Warren and I had a lovely, lazy Sunday morning for a change. Don't get me wrong, our Sundays are normally quite lazy even with Sienna but not so relaxing. 

Even though we still woke around 8am, it was nice to just laze around in bed checking social media and talking. We even had a chance to try out our AngelSounds fetal doppler for a while. I am only 11 weeks so we couldn't find the heartbeat but I'm not worrying too much, I just keep reminding myself that we have already heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks 4 days so the chance of miscarriage after that is minimal. Maybe we will try again next weekend!

After lazing around I was starving so we did something naughty and jumped in the car (in our PJs) and did a McDonalds drive thru run >.< I don't regret it, it was delicious! I also managed to stomach some coffee which is first in about 8 weeks, I think I am finally starting to feel more human at last! Don't worry though, I won't make a daily habit of it as I know caffeine should be limited in pregnancy. 

When we came home I took the time to have a little pamper, threw a face mask on (Simple's deep cleansing face mask in case you're wondering) and did my nails. I took the time to do them properly and do something a bit more fancy that shoving the same colour on all 5 nails! I love grey nails and think these all work well together… The dark grey is Barry M's 'Grey', the metallic grey is Mavala's 'Argentum' and the sparkly grey is Rimmel's precious stone polish in '001 Diamond Dust'.

Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best although I am glad to have our little Moomin back now!

Do you enjoy lazy Sundays?

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