Tuesday 8 July 2014

Zenith home energy saving kit

I think saving money is something most families are conscious of. We all try to cut down on takeaways and days out, but how about saving money in the home?  Zenith Home sent us this energy saving kit to try out a while ago to see if we could save money on our household bills.

Zenith home energy saving kit

The kit consisted of an Energy saving monitor, Radiator booster, Shower timer, and an Automatic standby shutdown device. The first thing we set up was the energy saving monitor. One end connects to the mains supply and the other to the display, it can show you how much you are using and how much it is costing you. Seeing it in black and white in front of you definitely makes you thinks more about what you are using and you're conscious of cutting it down to save your money! If you really want to try and save money on your household bills, this is a definite must have! 

The Automatic standby shutdown device is used to turn of your appliance when they go into standby. This is really handy with TVs as most of us do only put it onto standby with the remote! Just remember to push the green button on the device to turn it back on when you want to use it.

The shower drop timer is a good idea; basically it is an alarm that will go off when your shower has expelled the same as 35 litres (the amount of water recommended for a shower by UK water authorities). Now I did find this quite handy for Warren as he is always putting the shower on to 'warm up' whilst pottering around the bathroom/bedroom which drives me crazy. It warms up in about 2 seconds so there is no need for it, he is just wasting water! However for me (who is normally having a quick shower while Sienna is painting the floor with my make-up) I didn't find it that useful as I rarely get a long shower! 

The radiator booster we haven't used yet as the weather has been way too hot lately however the concept seems brilliant. It basically circulates wasted heat from your radiator and spreads it out using fans. On the box it claims it usually pays for itself in 8 weeks which is really interesting and gives you hope it really works! Our living room is quite big and although it has 2 big radiators, our sofas are in front of them so I think this would be handy in the winter, I'm looking forward to seeing if it works!

These are definitely all great options if you're really watching your energy and water consumption! 

How do you save money on your household bills? 

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